Grade 6-8 Class performance expectation forms

All students in grades 6, 7 and 8 should have received a class performance expectation packet from me in mid-November. You and your student should read through it for class expectations, grading policies, performance dates and tips for instrumental students. If you and your student do not know what they are being graded on, that concert dates have not been sent out, and how your student needs to participate in class, then I feel uncomfortable posting grades. If your student has “lost it”, I do not like to give out new packets. You may click on them here/download them, print and sign the last page, and have your student turn it in. All documents are in PDF format.

Grade 8 Band Expectations

Grade 7 Band Expectations

Grade 6 Band Expectations

Grade 8 Chorus Expectations

Grade 7 Chorus Expectations

Grade 6 Chorus Expectations