Grade 5 Band

Students should be working on Page 16 (#62-65). I will be checking for assignments written down and practice time recorded in books.

I am handing out new music for the end of year concert. The first is called March Premiere. It is like the length of 5 of their book songs out together into one song. Students should always access prior knowledge and do a “note inventory”, which means figure out the lowest note they play, the highest note they play and then fill in all of those in between, asking the question: Do I know all of these notes? If the answer is no, look them up right away and figure out how to play them. DO NOT WRITE NOTES DOWN ON THE MUSIC! Learn them! The second thing to be able to do (or the first thing for rhythm percussion) is looking at and identifying all of the rhythms in the music (whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, etc.) and knowing how to count them. These are the basics of playing the music and must be figured out before playing!

Here is the December Home Concert Assignment 

If you want to play along with the songs in your book, you can find them by clicking here. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the tempo, so the songs are only one speed.

We Will Rock You page

We Will Rock You play along recording

Online listening for spring 2017 concert: 

Echo Lake

Smoke on the Water (the original version)

Smoke on the Water (the practice version)

Winter Concert January 20, 2017

February home concert assignment