Grade 5 and 6 note reading

For students in grades 5 and 6, one of the things I hear most is frustration from not being able to read notes well. 

I encourage the use of exercises online to help read notes better. is a great web site for helping this skill and students can count it as practice time toward their weekly minute goal. It can be used from any device, although it is easier to navigate with larger devices. Using this for as little as 2 minutes a day will help your student’s reading skills IMMENSELY! You may have to configure it when you go there. Click on the little gear in the upper right and select “treble range” (or switch to bass clef if you are working on trombone or piano) and then drag the notes higher or lower depending on how far above or below the staff you want to work. You can slide the slider on “accidentals” (sharps and flats) off if you’d like and if you want hints, slide the “helpers” on. This will put the lines and spaces on the staff.