7 & 8 Chorus Resources

Elements of Rehearsal Self-Assessment - due the next class after assigned and turned in 3 times per quarter.

Winter Concert Listening/lyrics:

Here Comes the Sun

Some Nights - Here are the lyrics for chorus (most of you). Here are the lyrics for the small group part.


Dona Nobis Pacem

WInter concert January 19, 2017

Spring concert: 

Songs featuring music icons who passed away in/about 2016: 

David Bowie and George Michael songs. Prince - suggestions??

Space Oddity

Freedom ’90 (also this version)

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing


100 years of rock timeline

*Assignment (week of 2/6 - due next class): Write a short paragraph describing the music/genres from the late 1800s, how those genres were important, and how they came to be in the United States at that time. How did they contribute to the creation of blues as a genre? Click here for the rubric.

What is the blues?

***How to write a summary paragraph!

***Summary paragraph with example!

90s Rock genres and subgenres

*Assignment week of 2/13 (due week after vacation) or if you’re class is on 2/27, due Thursday 3/2 :

90s History of Rock Reading 1 (Grunge + Hardcore): http://teachrock.org/chapter/grunge-and-hardcore/

90s History of Rock Reading 2 (The Emergence of Grunge): http://teachrock.org/lesson/the-emergence-of-grunge/

Watch these videos from those readings: http://teachrock.org/resources/video/pearl-jam-alive-1992/http://teachrock.org/resources/video/nirvana-smells-like-teen-spirit-1991/http://teachrock.org/resources/video/nirvana-interview-1993/

Short writing assignment (see summary paragraph links above): How do these three videos embody some of the things you read about the emergence of Grunge?

**End of quarter assignment (due two classes from reception date): Describe the important genres and subgenres of 90s rock (90s rock assessment). Please give solid examples in summary paragraph form - not just a list of the genres and songs. You can write short paragraphs about each genre/subgenre if you’d like. Click here for the rubric.